Micaela Kwiatkowski

Handmade, whimsical jewelry inspired-by nature 

Hi, my name is Micaela Kwiatkowski and I am a jewelry designer/maker from Vancouver, Canada. I believe that jewelry connects us to our innate desire for self-expression and creativity. As a goldsmith and artist, I create jewelry inspired by my love of art, storytelling, and nature. 

After completing a BFA in Visual Art and an MA in Contemporary Art, I spent several years working in the art world while spending my weekends creating jewelry and experimenting with different materials and processes, taking classes, and setting up a small studio. In 2022, I felt a yearning to create jewelry that connected the innate magic of the natural world with the experimental nature of contemporary art. Today, I use traditional and new goldsmithing techniques to create timeless pieces that reveal the ever-unfolding process of our own creativity. Some of my creative process includes selecting trees, branches, and leaves from the forests near my house and creating molds from them in order to cast and form them into various metal pieces. 

I aim to create ethical, handmade jewelry that connect you to nature and reminds you of the creative magic within you. 

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